A Time For Gratitude: International Domestic Worker’s Day

Thank You to All Domestic Helpers!

There are more than 255,800 domestic helpers in Singapore. Today, 1 out of 5 Singaporean households hires a full-time domestic helper and these women make it possible for many working mothers to continue to go to work in peace and be productive. However, often their work is barely recognized as it happens in our homes, behind closed doors. Many employers tend to overlook or may not bother enough that our domestic helpers may go through a very emotional and strained times, working long hours and living away from their families.


On International Domestic Workers’ Day, join the team at Recruitbee in giving thanks and recognition for the supportive contributions from our foreign domestic helpers (FDWs) who play a very significant helping role in our lives and society.


1. Be Nice and Show Your Appreciation 

Very often we find ourselves saying thank you for the intention of getting something in return, but it is very important to show gratitude to the people around and close to us including our domestic helpers. In essence, people who make a habit of saying thank you to others often do receive better service, what’s more, others are more willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for you. This means showing gratitude to your family, friends and colleagues will result in positive payback in many kinds of ways, from a happier home to success in business. In fact, several well-known business gurus claim that the secret of their success is almost entirely down to taking the time to say thank you.


So, for a good balance in your family, you would also need your domestic helper to stay motivated with a positive mindset and attitude. Expressing your appreciation by saying thank you to your domestic helper is often their biggest reward, knowing what they do matters and knowing that their work is appreciated. Make a point to let them know they are appreciated, and that you genuinely do care for them.


2. Let Them Go On Their Rest Day

Our labour law by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) ensures that foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in Singapore has to be given their weekly rest day, this is to ensure that your foreign domestic helper gets enough mental and physical rest – a break from work to recuperate, and to confront with feeling homesick by interacting and socializing responsibly with other Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) in Singapore.


Your domestic helper is free to spend her rest days as she pleases – she can either decide to stay at your place or go out. She can also choose to participate in classes e.g. dancing or singing or attend courses to upgrade her academic. She is, however, not allowed to work for any other employer as moonlighting constitutes an offence of illegal employment in Singapore and can result in a fine or jail time or both.


3. Celebrate Their Birthday

There is no obligation to give a birthday gift, but it is a nice warming gesture which we are sure this will mean a lot to your domestic helper. In general, domestic helpers are always grateful for their employer’s consideration, respect and generosity. Based on our experiences, when domestic helpers share with us the best moments their employer ever did for them, a great number of them replied that it was the fact that their employers remember their birthdays. Treating them as part of the family and showing them that you appreciate and value them will give them a sense of belonging and purpose.


In any case, employers and their families are the next closest thing that domestic helpers have for a family away from home.


4. Rewarding and Recognizing Your Domestic Helper, Even If It Is Something Simple

Many domestic helpers are incredibly touched by simple gestures and praises. You can choose special moments that mean a lot to her to reward her, like on her birthday, her children’s birthdays or at Christmas. This is also a good opportunity to connect with her and help foster a harmonious employer-domestic worker relationship to build trust and loyalty.


It does not always have to be a gift; you can always consider giving cash. It is a bit impersonal but always appreciated and practical. A little extra cash if she works harder than usual e.g. in times when your relatives are visiting during Chinese New Year or Christmas, or if you host big dinner parties.


Alternatively, another great idea is the gift of education – sponsoring them to learn something different or new to widen their experience or improve their skills – this would in-return benefit your family as well. You can find a multitude of courses whether it is to learn how to cook or bake, to administer first aid, or to understand how to save and prepare for the future. Browse some of the enrichment classes for domestic helpers available here by HOME Academy and ACMI.


5. Let Them See Their Families 

All domestic helpers will miss their children and families, giving them the opportunity to return home and spend quality time with their family is priceless to them. If your domestic worker has children in their final year of primary or high school, they will be graduating at the end of March. Buying her a tickets home at this specific time would mean the world to her and to her kids!


Domestic Helpers, Too, Deserve Kindness, Warmth and Joy

So starting from today, remember your domestic helper who are working and assisting you to take care for your children and keep your home neat and tidy every day. Do not forget to show appreciation to your domestic helper – remember a small thank you does help in building a harmonious home.


Everyone agrees that forgetting or neglecting to say thank you is rude. Not only does it upset and annoy people, it makes you look bad. However important or busy you are, it is always right to thank people, however small the thing they have done for you. During the formative years of a kid, they might pick up your behaviors as they will mimic and not know what is right or wrong. Hence, be the role model for your children to learn that manners and etiquette go a long way toward building, securing, and solidifying a relationship with others. At the end of the day, a little kindness, warmth and joy can make wonders, all for the sake of great harmony and stability for the home.



At Recruitbee, we understand that every home is unique in its needs and preferences. We take prides in listening and advising our customers with a view to seeking the most suitable foreign domestic helper for your home care needs.


Share with us your criteria you want from the domestic helper – these include the nationality, age, religion, marital status, work experience and expected salary range among others.


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