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We understand that every home is unique in its needs and preferences. At Recruitbee, we take pride in listening and advising our customers with a view to seeking the most suitable foreign domestic helper for your home care needs.
A tenet in our customer service is honesty. Honest communication allows for mutual understanding between our consultants and customers on fulfilling the customers’ requirements. It also allows our domestic helpers to understand their role and expectations of their employment in the Singapore homes. This ensures that both customers and domestic helpers are informed adequately and are better prepared for the placement.
Our employment network includes Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and North-eastern India. In these countries, we work with established associates who have vast experience in selecting suitable candidates for the multi-cultural setting of the Singapore home. Urgent requests for placements are therefore possible with our ready pool of candidates. Interviews can be arranged expediently according to customers’ preferred mode.
We have designed our Helper training programme with a view to equipping our domestic helpers with knowledge of basic household duties. From the get-go, domestic helpers would be able to render essential help on the household chores and experience has shown that their skills improve with the guidance from their employers.
At Recruitbee, we want to see happy customers relieved of the stresses of household needs, and at the same time, we wish to help our domestic helpers obtain gainful employment. Our aim is to operate a socially responsible maid agency where we are honest and responsible to our customers and domestic helpers.
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Recruitbee’s difference lies in our commitment to customers. This commitment guides our team in listening and truly understanding customers’ placement needs, budgets and post-placement adjustment matters.
Our team’s expertise stems not just from its experience in this industry but also from each consultant’s personal experience as employers of foreign domestic helpers.


We are committed in listening and truly understanding customers’ placement needs, budgets and post-placement adjustment matters.


We understand the preference for a trained domestic helper and our training programme is designed to fulfill the basic duties required of domestic helpers as well as basic information on the common Singapore family culture.


We understand the need for budgetary control and the operation of our own training programme provides for a lower cost and greater control over training effectiveness.


We understand the anxiety in urgent placements of domestic helpers and the necessity for added expediency in certain situations.


We understand the frustration that may happen in the initial adjustment period for both the employer and the domestic helper, and thus are able to prepare and counsel both parties.


Our maid agency has a comprehensive in-house training programme for domestic helpers. The practical training content focuses on the daily housekeeping duties of domestic helpers, which include:
      • Operating the washing machine
      • Hand-washing techniques for fragile garments
      • Hanging the laundry out to dry
      • Ironing techniques for different garments
      • Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming techniques
      • Washing the toilets
      • General tidying duties
      • Operation of stoves, hobs, ovens and microwave
      • Cleaning of kitchen surfaces
      • Basic cooking techniques
      • Washing of crockery and utensils
      • General handling of spillages
      • Making the bed and changing of bed linen
      • Taking care of children
First-time domestic helpers working in Singapore are also oriented on the Singapore culture and expected family structure so as to better aid them in their adjustment to the new environment.
For families with dogs, Recruitbee also has a training module for the domestic helpers’ duties in this regard.
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