Helping Your Domestic Helper: How to Improve Communication with Your Domestic Helper

How to Improve Communication with Your Domestic Helper

Whether you have children or a senior family member, there may be times where you find yourself needing an extra pair of hands to help around in your house. A domestic helper might be your go to solution. Letting a domestic helper be part of your household is a new relationship and as an employer, your communication skills play a key role in ensuring the success of a good and healthy relationship.


Importance of Communication

Essentially, good communication aids domestic helpers to adjust to the physical and social aspect of their work. It has the ability to motivate, influence, and satisfy them, which also helps in boosting their morale and keeping them more productive when working for you. With their motivation, it will be easier for you to prevent performance issues and tensions that can have adverse effects on your children or other members of your family.


To start building a good and effective communication to improve your relationship with your domestic helper, here are some ways that you can do it:


1. Be In Their Shoes

Empathy starts when you step into the shoes of someone. It will remind you that it is not easy being them since they left their own families to help you take care of yours. Imagine yourself living with their boss and other unfamiliar people. It is not easy. Thus, do not blame them when they get incredibly homesick that they want to occasionally use their phones to keep in touch with their loved ones. If it gets in the way with their work, talk and explain to them to know how they can compromise in a way that both parties are comfortable. This will certainly help them adapt to this new environment, and in return, it could improve your relationship!


2. Let Your Children Be The Bridge

Since your helper may end up spending quite a fair bit of time with your children especially if they are still schooling, they probably have a better connection than what you have with her for the start. Your children can be the bridge that will help you get closer to them. Ask them how your children behaved that day or share with them interesting stories of your kid! You might end up learning more about her family and care more for her too. These are effective ways to strike a casual conversation to make them feel comfortable talking to you as a friend! It is also an opportunity for you to ask them about her family at home, her welfare, and her current adjustment with this household set-up.


3. Listen To Them

Every once in a while, your domestic helper may reach out to you when they are encountering some problems. Lend them an ear! As an employer, you should listen to what your helper has to say to avoid conflicts. However, some helpers might be too shy to open up with anything. If so, you should pay attention to their body language. For instance, if they act suspicious and look like they are waiting for you to settle down and be free to hold a conversation. Approach them and ask them directly if there is anything they would like to talk about. Initiating will save both of your time and immediately resolve any problems.


4. Remember What They Said In The Interview

Every helper undergoes an interview facilitated by a maid agency in Singapore. In your helper’s interview, she might have already shared personal details about her life that is worth knowing. When you recall details about her, it says a lot about the value that you give to her. It will make them feel that they are heard, and they are important in your eyes. Knowing each other’s basic information can serve as the foundation of any relationship, thus do not forget the personal details they share with you!


5. Continue The Flow Of Communication

Relationships are like plants. Food, water and light (attention, communication and affection) are vital if we expect to have a healthy relationship. It means that you should not stop the momentum of your relationship by cutting off communication. Never allow the silence to get in between you and your maid, even if it means talking about small topics like the weather or about a T.V. show they have been watching. In this way, you will make them feel that it is easy to approach you.


Harmony In Your Household

Managing a relationship with your domestic helper is a laborious process, but it will create harmony and many good things for your household! Hiring a domestic helper may not be the easiest of processes but finding the right domestic helper can bring the peace of mind that your home is well cared for while you are busy building your future.


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