Helping Your Domestic Helper: How to Increase Housekeeping Productivity?

How to Increase Your Maid’s Housekeeping Productivity?

Productivity is essential in our everyday life, especially at work. Truth is, everyone need to make a living and this is probably why people such as yourself have decided to hire a domestic helper who would do the household tasks you cannot seem to timely manage, such as maintaining the cleanliness of your home while you are off to be more efficient at your work.


Productivity is a state of efficiency with the things we consciously chose to do and not because we are forced by circumstances. Indeed, a maid is a human being, just like you and me, and sometimes, we are not aware that certain factors might hinder them from being productive. We should learn to understand them and give them the room for improvement. 


But what if your domestic helper does not share the same productivity as you do? Here are some ways that you can do to boost your maid’s productivity at home.


1. Make a To-do List

It’s not rocket science, this productivity tip is straightforward. With a task list, your maid ought to do the most important thing first thing in the morning — from making your bed, making you breakfast, to cleaning the furniture, to cooking your lunch and so forth. An efficient list serves as a guide for your maids to follow through. Easily accessible lists allow domestic helpers to enjoy greater agility and flexibility in everyday tasks and ensures they are clued in on what tasks they should be doing and where they need to be. Recurring responsibilities such as sweeping the floor, picking up kids or feeding your pets should also be included on the list so that your maid would not lose track of these small yet important tasks.


2. Set a Leisure Time

Everyone gets distracted once in a while and your domestic helper is not an exception. Distractions are the death of productivity. They surround us and it is so difficult to escape their grasp. Just one single distraction can stop even you from working for ten minutes and then later an hour or two.


To counter this, you can allow your domestic helper a flexible yet reasonable time to relax and unwind. Apart from her break time, you may consider allowing them to scroll over their social media when they are done with their tasks. This way, they would also be motivated to finish their tasks on time.


3. Communicate Clearly

This tip may seem repetitive but you will be surprised by how powerful it can be especially for foreign domestic helpers in Singapore. Eradicate any language and cultural barrier by openly expressing your thoughts. By doing so, you are helping your helper to realise that you are open, approachable, observant, and there for them. If you notice something that does not sit well with you, be vocal about it and tell your domestic helper about it so that they could do better. This way, she would be reminded to not repeat these actions and it would help them improve over time.


4. Provide Tools for their Tasks

By providing your domestic helper with the right tools and equipment to do their tasks like microfiber towels and mops, it would not only improve their craft. But also enhance their productivity. Put it this way, if you are tasked to do something and you have been provided with everything to do so, there would be no more reasons as to why you would not be able to deliver the end results. Also, proper tools reduce worker strain from repetitive motions and overexertion while using the right cleaning chemicals for each surface provides optimal hygienic results.


Maids Are No Less Human Than Us

They get distracted, unmotivated at times, and even tired at the end of the day, it is only up to you to do your part as well to give them an extra nudge to be productive and efficient. If these simple steps that we have listed down still do not work out for you, maybe you can consider sending your helper for short skill development courses such as cooking, baking, infant care, eldercare, foot reflexology, nursing care, English language and stress management, which we believe will better help these domestic helpers adjust and adapt to work life in Singapore.




We are here for you throughout the entirety of this journey.


At Recruitbee, we understand the anxiety and frustration that may arise in the initial adjustment period for both the employer and your domestic helper, thus we are here prepared to help and counsel both parties.


Please feel free to speak to our professional and compassion sales consultants, we want to see happy customers relieved of the stresses from household needs and at the same time we wish to help our domestic helpers obtain gainful employment. 


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