Another popular domestic helper choice for Singapore families is those from the Philippines. Apparently, of the 240,000 maids or domestic helpers in Singapore, some 70,000 are from the Philippines.
Filipinos are one of the most coveted groups for domestic helpers in the world and Singapore is no exception.
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For starters, many Filipinos are well conversant in English therefore communications are made easier between them and their employer families. This language ability has also helped in their being more receptive to carrying out instructions easier. Filipinos are also very friendly with bright smiles and musically inclined, making them wonderful companions to young children, interacting, playing and taking care of the children.
Versatile and adept at multi-tasking, Filipino maids tends to be more capable of handling the household chores of medium to large families including handling pets such as the larger dogs. For families with a common religion as the Filipino maid, bonding becomes even stronger and we have had instances where the maid and the employer family attend church together.
In view of these strengths, Filipino maids have become a natural choice for expatriate families looking for domestic assistance.
In terms of cooking, whilst the Indonesian style of cooking is closer to Singaporeans’ palate, the Filipino maid may not be able to cook or if they do, the style of cooking may differ from what Singapore families may be used to. However this can be overcome given the Filipino maid’s high ability to take instructions and the employer needs only to invest time to teach them your preferred cooking style.


The minimum wage for Filipino maids is by far amongst the highest in Singapore.
Salary range: $570 – $750
The best way to find the suitable domestic helper for your home is to inform us of the criteria you are looking for in your helper. These include the nationality, age, religion, marital status, work experience and expected salary range, among others.
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