Recruitbee Cleaning provide our customers with professional cleaning services for both household and commercial sites. We understand the need for and importance of a clean and safe environment and aims to achieve this through the use of up-to-date equipment and product solutions for our customers.
Recruitbee Cleaning conducts in-house training for all our cleaners through our own training manuals and ensuring that all cleaners are certified with the relevant certifications. We place utmost importance in equipping our cleaners with the right knowledge in conducting both household and commercial cleaning services.
Recruitbee Cleaning advocates the use of technology and adopt new innovation in allowing our customer to receive better quality of service and experience. We aim to achieve real time response and deliver the best cleaning solutions to our customers. Our aim is to provide a pleasant service experience for our customers while challenging ourselves to be the Number 1 cleaning service provider in Singapore through customer satisfaction and dedicating our promise in providing a safe and clean environment.


Spend your time on doing the things you enjoy, not on shouldering the burden to clean.
Leave the dirty work to us, we will clear it.

Our Services

Recruitbee Cleaning provides a range of services for both residential and commercial customer. We understand the need for dedicated cleaning services in both environments and aims to provide the best detailed care solutions for our customers.
We always listen to customer’s requirements before proposing a suitable cleaning solution package for our customers. Our professional sales team will always be ready to engage in active communications with our customer and cleaning team to ensure that all details of the requirements are being met.

Keep Your People Happy & Productive With A Clean Environment

The significance of cleaning cannot be ignored since it not only make your commercial sites hygienic but also carves out a good image of yours in front of customers, client and business associates.
When you hire Recruitbee Cleaning for your commercial sites, we make the spaces pristine and uplifting. Cleaning on regular basis makes your office much more positive and productive. Our trained cleaning staff imparts the best including wiping down the desk, bathroom cleaning, hardwood & tile cleaning, cleaning trash and all things needed to make your spaces clean and productive place.

We guarantee top-quality cleaning solutions for a more healthy, hygienic and spotless environment.

We understand the importance of providing superior cleaning services at competitive prices.

Quality Assurance

Recruitbee Cleaning undertakes a 3 steps process in ensuring that we deliver the best cleaning solutions for our customers.

Step 1: Customer will be served by a dedicated salesperson to gather information and requirements and, providing suitable cleaning package for the customer.

Step 2: Once customer has completed the administrative part to confirm, salesperson will communicate to the cleaning supervisor for logistic arrangements.

Step 3: On the day of appointment, cleaners will report to the location while salesperson will follow up with the customer on the quality of the service delivery.

We believe it takes constant improvements to deliver the best to our customers.
Recruitbee Cleaning will always hold the belief of
We Listen. We Understand. We Are Here to Help.
for our customer approach.

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