Recruitbee’s wide range of services covers the various stages of engaging a foreign domestic worker (FDW), during-employment procedures such as the arrangement for home leave and employment termination procedures including the return of the FDW to her home country.
Recruitbee’s services include:
  • Employment of Fresh / Transfer Domestic Helper
  • Direct Hire of Domestic Helper
  • Repatriation of Domestic Helper
  • Application / Renewal / Cancellation of Passports & Work Permits
  • Medical Check-Up
  • Settling-In-Programme (SIP)
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Training Courses & Workshops
  • Home-leave processing
Our consultants will also follow up with customers after successful placement of the FDW. This after-sales service allows customers to provide feedback on the placement. In instances where there may be misunderstandings or general uneasiness, our consultants step in to counsel, if necessary, the FDW and/or will further advise customers of options.


As a guide, there are 5 steps in the employment of a FDW.
Step #1: Speaking to a FDW employment consultant
Our experienced consultants help navigate customers efficiently through the various processes which can be complicated for the uninitiated. Consultants can also help customers analyse their needs more thoroughly and can highlight the pros and cons of the different options against the home care needs. Customers also benefit from the consultants’ expertise on the various regulations such as mandatory insurance, payment of security bond, mandatory rest day, minimum salary amongst others.
Step #2: Searching for a suitable FDW starts
Recruitbee will start searching for suitable candidates from our associate network in Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and North-eastern India and from our database of FDWs who have indicated their intention to change employers (transfer FDW). Our consultants would have taken note of any special requirements customers may have and would match these requirements with the candidate profile.
Step #3: Arranging for an Interview
Interviews can be arranged to the convenience of the customer, be it in person at our office, over the webcam or telephone.
Step #4: Starting the application process
Once customers have selected their choice of FDW, Recruitbee consultants will handle the paperwork for the application. Our consultants can also assist customers who have on their own directly hired the FDW.
Step #5: Sending the FDW for medical examination and the Settling-in Programme for first-time FDWs; Attending the mandatory Ministry of Manpower Employer’s Orientation Programme
The Singapore government has mandated several programmes which employers of FDWs and first-time FDWs have to attend. Employers also have to send their FDWs for a medical examination followed by subsequent periodic medical examinations which the Ministry of Manpower would send notifications for. The medical examination disease screening for the FDW’s Work Permit issuance differs somewhat from the subsequent periodic medical examinations the FDW has to take. Customers may have particular diseases they want the FDW particularly screened for. For these tasks, customers can save time by allowing our Recruitbee consultants to assist in arranging.