Tips on Choosing The Right Full-Time Domestic Helper For Your Home

Do You Need A Full-time Domestic Helper?

No time to keep your home as organized and clean as you would like or do the smaller tidying jobs that would make a huge difference. No time to spend quality moments with your loved ones when weekends are your only free days and yet you are either still bust at work or having to accomplish a variety of household tasks. Maybe you struggle to cook for the family, do the laundry, scrub the bathrooms. Maybe you need an extra pair of hands at caring for your toddler, with your elderly parents or even for your little furball.


Think about your life – whether single, a couple or a family – you never had enough time. It seems typical to say this but often we let things slips through the cracks. We spend too much time thinking about it, too much energy worrying about them. It is time you deserve a dedicated extra pair of hands to make your life easier and free up some time for better things you wish to achieve.


It can be significantly life-altering for busy families how hiring the right full-time domestic helper could help you in ways you did not realise before. And here, we share with you these simple steps to successfully recruit the right domestic help for your household needs and preferences.


Tips on Choosing The Right Full-time Domestic Helper

Before you continue reading on, a primary aspect that must be considered in this hiring journey are your eligibility to hire, the different schemes and subsidies available, cost involved and the general profiles of the foreign domestic workers. As an employer, you should familiarize yourselves with the relevant hiring processes, Eligibility and Requirements before getting started.


1. Consider Your Needs

Before you hire a full-time domestic helper, you should find out what are your household needs and requirements. Try asking yourself: “Why am I hiring a domestic helper?” Some reasons are:

  • Caring for your elderly parents
  • Caring for your children
  • Caring for your pets
  • Help with the household chores
  • Preparing meals for the family

Once you have outlined your household needs and preferences, it will be much easier to find a domestic helper who specializes in two or more of these tasks. Be clear about her scope of duties, working days, compensation, and day offs would also be recommended.


2. Consider the Domestic Helper’s Personality & Qualities

All relationships whether working or personal, have a starting point and with the right match, can grow into something much more. It is certainly so with your new domestic helper. Since you will be spending a lot of time with your domestic helper, you’ll need to entrust the person with your property or possessions, including your children, parents and pets. For these reasons, it’s important to consider your domestic helper’s personality and behaviour.


First and foremost, the work history and prior experiences of the domestic helper is very important and would give you a good insight into her capabilities and performance. While some new domestic helper might be full of energy and might cost you lesser in terms of their employment fees and salary, more experienced domestic helpers would have already know the regular cleaning practices and Singaporean’s home culture which in return might save you time and hassle.


As you interview face-to-face or via a video call, you may want to ask questions such as:

  • Her Background and Personal Information
    • Where are you from? How long have you been in Singapore?
    • How many family members do you have? What is your marital status? Do you have children? If you do, who is taking care of them now?
    • Are you religious? If so, which religion? Do you need to attend church on Sundays?
    • Do you have friends or relatives here?
    • What do you like to do or what are your interests aside from work?
  • Her Duties and Skills
    • What are your responsibilities in your previous employer’s house? What do you like and dislike about it?
    • Can you describe your usual working schedule at your previous employer’s house?
    • Are you a good cook? What kind of food can you cook (Chinese, Western, Vegetarian, etc)? Are you able to follow recipes from a cookbook?
    • Are you better with household chores, children or cooking?
    • How old were the children you took care of in your previous employments? Do you love working with children? Can you take care of a baby?
    • Do you know first aid? Can you sew?

If you are hiring a helper to assist with childcare, bring your kids with you when interviewing. The one who try to make connection and has prior experience caring for children (or with children of their own) would naturally have an advantage over those who do not. Apply this same tactic for elderly and pet care.


As you being to evaluate for the most suitable candidate, make sure you are comfortable with her and likewise, the candidate is also comfortable with your family, the job duties and living arrangements for her. It is also crucial to choose a candidate who you can communicate well enough with, in order to minimize chances of conflict and make for a harmonious employer-employee relationship.


3. Talk to the Domestic Helper Employment Agency

Hiring a domestic helper may not be the easiest of processes but finding the right domestic helper can bring the peace of mind that your home is well cared for while you are busy building your future.


It will be fuss-free, simple and safe to hire a reputable domestic helper from a reputable agency. If you’re looking to welcome a helper into your home, we hope you now have a better idea where to start in your selection.




At Recruitbee, we understand that every home is unique in its needs and preferences. We take prides in listening and advising our customers with a view to seeking the most suitable foreign domestic helper for your home care needs.


Share with us your criteria you want from the domestic helper – these include the nationality, age, religion, marital status, work experience and expected salary range among others.


For more information concerning the processes and cost of hiring a domestic helper,
call us at (65) 6721 9031 / (65) 6721 9032 / (65) 8189 5339.

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