Who Do You Need: A Part-Time or Full-Time Helper?

Who Do You Need: A Part-Time or Full-Time Helper?

Are you having a difficult time deciding if you should settle for a part-time helper or a dedicated full-time helper in Singapore? We understand! It is not an easy decision to make, especially when our lives get busier with career and family.


Having housemaids and/or helpers assisting us in our homes with our daily chores is a common sight in Singapore. Some families hire domestic helpers to take care of elderly, some families need the extra hands to take care of their children. However, whatever the reason is, the decision between a part-time and a full-time helper is not an easy one.


So how can you decide between a part-time helper or full-time helper? Here are the following factors that you might consider in order to arrive at the most suitable choice.


1. Size of Your Home

Have you ever left for a family holiday only to come back to a stale smelling home? The bigger your home would usually mean there are more chances of dust and bacteria build up around areas we don’t usually attend to. This could lead to weird smells and bad quality of life. The size of your home is a huge factor for deciding whether you need a full or part-time helper. If the house has four rooms or more, you should definitely consider having a full-time helper.


If your house is not your main place of residence, then it’s probable that you may only need a part-time helper. However, if there is constant activity in your house, then the dust and dirt build-up could be more than usual, which may require a full-time helper.


2. Household Size

The more people you have at home, the more effort it needs to keep a home nice and clean. A studio apartment residence may only require a part-time helper if you live alone without any dependents and have infrequent guests. On the other spectrum, if you stay on a landed property with five to six bedrooms, you will need all the help with cleaning!


For a home with children, elderly and/or pets, it is more than likely that a full-time helper will be much appreciated. Regardless of the use of the property, it needs to be appropriately cared for. Homes that are not clean properly and regularly can be a breeding ground for mould and dust that could be harmful to your family members. Properties that have less use can get a certain stale feel when not being regularly used, so it’s still vital that you have a helper to maintain your home.


3. Lifestyle

The amount of entertainment you do will also affect your need for a full or part-time helper. The more friends’ gatherings or mahjong sessions you have, the more cleaning is required.


What’s more, if you have parents or friends staying with you regularly, the guest room will need to be changed, aired, and prepared for the next person. As a good host, of course you expect your home to be presented in the best light, therefore in such situation a full-time helper would have the right amount of time to clean and prepare the room for your next guest.


4. Extra Duties & Task

To make life easier, your domestic helper can help to perform additional duties outside of just cleaning. These include pet care (e.g. taking the dogs for walks), cooking and even childcare. However, the more duties you require your helper to do, the more time they will need to ensure that the house is kept to your standards.  So, consider the additional duties carefully and if they are a key part of the role, then consider hiring a full-time helper. It is likely they will need all the hours during their working week to ensure the home is cleaned to the highest standards and their additional duties are completed accordingly.


The Decision Lies On Your Needs

It can be a complex decision to ascertain if you require a part-time or full-time helper, and the best way to start planning for this one is to clearly outline the duties you need the helper to perform and then the standard at which you want the tasks completed. This will help give you clarity to finally decide if you need a dedicated full-time helper or just an ad hoc helper.



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