Who Should You Hire: New Helper or Transfer Helper?

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Who Should You Hire: New Helper or Transfer Helper?

With many families of business owners working hard to survive a health crisis and striving to achieve balance with their busy schedules, it will not come as a surprise when you start thinking about hiring a domestic helper in Singapore. An additional pair of hands can help dramatically in maintaining the cleanliness of your house and improving the quality of your family’s life! However, there are a few things that you should know about the maids that you can hire from an agency, namely new helpers and transfer helpers. While their roles as helpers are the same, their qualifications are different. Find out more in this article about the different type of helpers.


What Is A New Helper?

As the name suggests, a new helper is a foreign domestic helper who is new to working in Singapore. They may have previous experience in their own home country and/or completed a certified training course. Either way with proper training and reasonable time given, they are capable workers who can perform the work in your houses such as caring for your little ones and elderly family members.


What Is A Transfer Helper?

Transfer helpers are the ones who are already working in Singapore for some time and are seeking to transfer from one employer to another. However, transfer helpers are often victims of misconceptions since you will not know the reason why they left their old Singaporean employer unless you see their employment history. Nonetheless, you can find out these reasons from a reputable employment agency! Having said that, a quality that you cannot remove from them is their established work experiences in our Singapore culture. If you are more inclined to hire a Chinese speaking maid in Singapore, then a transfer helper is the one you are looking for.


Qualities That Set Them Apart

1. Experience & Cultural Knowledge

You have to admit that you have a system when it comes to maintaining order in your home. It is crucial, and it means a lot to you that you can teach this system to a reliable helper who can learn how to cook oriental dishes for your children. Well, while both helpers are skilled in cooking, the experience of a new helper may be limited. Especially, when they still need to learn about the cultures in Singapore. However, you can trust that a transfer helper from a reputable maid agency in Singapore will only need a brief training about cooking oriental food since they might have already learned it from their previous Singaporean employer.


2. A Chance For A Proper Face-To-Face Interview

The people in your house may be sensitive to meeting other people, especially so living with one. No one knows their likes and dislikes other than you. Thus, picking a random helper without the chance of interviewing them in person can be a disadvantage and cause more chaos in your house. In a face-to-face interview with a transfer helper, you can measure their personality on a level that is not possible with a virtual interview. You will see the helper’s quirks and features on an intimate level unlike when you interview a new helper through a webcam. If your chosen agency allows you, you can even let the transfer helper meet your child or your elderly family members who they will be caring of once you hire them as your domestic helper.


3. Familiarity With Helper Arrangements

Not all families are blessed to live with a stable income. Understandably, you will want someone who can negotiate an arrangement that is in your best interest. Choosing a new maid, you can expect little demands about extra pay when you ask them an hour of their time on their free day. Since they are new in the country, they still need time in getting used to the social life in Singapore, unlike a transfer helper. Their experience with a Singaporean employer has allowed them to know more about labour arrangements and will assert their knowledge when they think you are asking them to work outside of their contract.


4. Transportation Requirements

The cost of transportation may be a big factor for some families who are looking to hire a new domestic helper. You might be one of them, and rest assured that this is a valid factor that every interested family should consider. A new helper needs transportation costs once you hire them. Since they are currently residing outside Singapore, you will have to cover the air flight expenses needed to get them into Singapore. It is the opposite of a transfer helper since the only transportation fee they need is to ride a local transportation system to reach your home. Therefore, it is up to you to pick the arrangements that you want from both of them.


5. Cost Of Employment

Aside from the transportation fees discussed above, there are also compulsory medical check-ups, Settling-In Programmes, and the current Stay-Home Notices and Swab Test expenses for new arrivals coming into Singapore. You can get in touch with Recruitbee to get a full understanding of the expenses needed by a new helper. Nevertheless, hiring a transfer helper may show as your best option since administration fees are undeniably more affordable than what the Ministry of Manpower required from the former. Give us a call at 6977 7066 or 6721 9031 and allow us to explain all these concepts to you, you are free to ask us for more questions about both helpers.


Improving The Quality Of Your Family’s Life

When you and your partner already have your hands full on the family business, then you both deserve to come home to an organised house. Choosing between these two trained domestic helpers who can do it to perfection is just a bump in the road. Ultimately, they can both take you to the same finish line. Rest assured that you will be living in a relaxed and comfortable household when you allow a new helper or a transfer helper enter your family’s life!


Once you are done evaluating all of these differences, hire the domestic helper of your choice from us! Visit our website to get started with the process.



We are here for you throughout the entirety of this journey.


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